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I try my best to stay in my own lane when it comes to the discussion of food, unless asked exclusively – or briefed for an article by my editor –  case-in-point! Identifying as vegan is kind of like telling people you get botox; there are always questions and often opinions to follow.  I do not fail to recognise that at least half of the vegan population can be perceived as angry, preachy or stressed. Maybe it’s their knowledge of our declining planet, scientifically proven to be accelerated thanks to animal agriculture. Maybe!? Or perhaps they just haven’t had enough carbs.

Truthfully, my decision to make a change in my diet was to clear up my skin (FYI, it helped.) I don’t really care what you eat. By the same merit, as a vegan there are things I constantly hear, and hate. Perhaps you’re a vegan and can relate, perhaps you’re not and want to learn decorum… vegan emojis 1

1: “But where do you get your protein?”

Every time! I get confused by the notion that my nutrition is suddenly such a large concern for people that I don’t know. Have I asked you if your body is in perfect nutritional harmony? Mine probably isn’t. But its never been because of a protein deficiency, b/c literally half a cup of black beans is enough to meet your daily intake.vegan emojis 3 bacon

2: “But…bacon..?”

It stresses me out that bacon has become a comical thing! Like a pop-culture joke. My take is that joking about food indicates a lack of connection to what we eat. Animal agriculture is no joke. I choose not to eat it, I don’t want to eat it, and, no, I do not miss it. 

vegan emojis 2 cheese3: “I would love to go vegan, but I just love cheese so much!”

Thats fine. you do you! If you are informed enough to want to make a change but don’t feel ready, take your time! There is no right way, it took me 3 months to transition.

vegan emojis 4 plants4: “Plants feel pain too!”

Serving up this theory as a carnivore really doesn’t make any sense to me. The lack of central nervous system in plants prevents this from being a legitimate thing. There has been a massive amount of research on the topic, and unless you’ve investigated it, I’d suggest not bringing it up. I feel these comments are laden with guilt. That’s okay, but it’s also completely transparent.

vegan emojis 5 jokes5: Vegan jokes.

We have to find humour in some things, and occasionally I will laugh along. Because let’s be honest, there are some VERY ‘extra’ people out there. BUT it freaks me out that a group of people who are making a massive lifestyle change in an attempt to save the lives of beings, and massively reducing their carbon footprint while doing so, can be so severely ridiculed. I understand many people feel confronted by this, when someone decides to take a moral stance against something that is pretty ingrained in our societal behaviours, but really? Can I just eat my vegan pattie in peace? 

I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat, or even how you should or shouldn’t act. But please, can we stay in our own lanes?

Words: Ella Jane