Foundation Innovation

Like the perfect black slip dress for your face.

Finding a great foundation is like finding the perfect black dress.  Not the type of dress you buy for a special occasion or even shop for as such, but one that gets reached for on the reg’ because it’s easy to ‘slip’ on without cognition. At this stage of my life and personal style development it is the items of clothing that transcend dress codes, time-of-day and season (with the assistance of simplistic layering), that I both favour and find most elusive. And the same can be said for the perfect foundation. Not to heavy, not too light, and all that.

Call it cynicism or laziness, or even being out of the game too long! But it wasn’t until last week, an entire year after cushion foundations launched in to Australia that I put puff-to-cushion. In a makeup parallel to tiresome outfit repetition, it was time to try something new.

What: Lancôme Miracle Cushion in Beige Pechie: A high-tech compact utilising a sponge-like cushion delivery system for liquid foundation.

Application: At first I followed the instructions to ‘press’ the the loaded puff on to primed  skin, but quickly switched to a swiping motion, starting in the middle of my face and dragging product outwards, allowing quicker application and denser transfer of product. But not too dense. I found folding the circular sponge in half was more precise for under the eye and around the nose and lips.

Finish: If ‘no makeup-makeup’ was listed in the dictionary this compact would appear under its definition. I’m very pro skin-looking-like-skin but unlike Nicole Warne can’t really get away with wearing no makeup. The light-medium coverage is buildable, and feels weightless. 

Wear: Two social commitments in one day is a pressure test for long-wear prowess. After a three course lunch in Palm Beach the only thing that required a touch up was my lippie, though in the interest of testing ‘commuter suitability’ I feigned a top-up in the passenger seat on the way to dinner with ease.

Verdict: Filling the aforementioned criteria for the perfect dress in a cosmetic equivalent, this compact is easy to wear for any occasion, or non occasion. I predict a lot of literal, face time. A con? Compacts are said to harbour bacteria, but than again, so does all makeup. I’ll be including the puff in my weekly, okay fortnightly, brush cleanse to keep my mind at ease. 

Particulars: Lancôme Miracle Cushion, $90.  Also try, IT Cosmetics CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation SPF50+, $58; available from Sephora (pictured above).

Words: Chloe Brinklow // Photography: Simon Taylor.