Sally Schmidt, Owner of Wilson Marz, (only the most approachable and chic salon in Sydney), makes a case for ‘salon only’ hair care. 

In that infamous scene, Billy Maddison pegs shampoo against conditioner, though it’s a redundant argument – they simply co-exist. But when it comes to supermarket versus ‘salon only,’ beyond using the good stuff because your hairdresser “said so”. Is it really a justifiable investment?

“If you buy a silk dress you’re not going to take it home and wash it in SARD Wonder soap!” Schmidt says. “You’re going to take it to a dry cleaner, or you’re going to use the best product because that way it will last”.

Makes sense! But what makes ‘salon only’ a better option?


According to Schmidt it is both the quality of the ingredients used and the exclusion of potentially harmful ingredients, like Sulfides, particularly Sodium Loral Sulphate – a foaming agent that causes shampoo to lather. “It does clean your hair, but you don’t need it to be that clean,” she says. “It works like a detergent and can strip oils from your hair, attributing dryness, colour-fade and frizziness”.

She suggests, “Natural oils like Argan oil and Almond oil are closer to your hair’s natural state and are what helps keep hair looking and feeling healthy and weightless.”


We’ve all heard that you need to change up your haircare every six weeks because your hair gets used to the same product, right? “Not true,” says Schmidt of the more premium variants.

“The unnatural ingredients in cheap products build up on the hair and eventually it will feel flat and heavier. Whereas a good ‘salon’ only brand can make the hair feel bouncy and shiny every time you wash,” she says.


We all have good intentions but in the same way a $15 organic broccoli from Thomas Dux rarely makes it to the basket, when a ‘salon only’ brand is ten times the price of a mass-line product, is it really worth it? “With better quality product you don’t need to do a double shampoo, so it will last you twice as long,” says Schmidt.

TO TRY:  Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner, $55 (each); At Net-A-Porter and Wilson Marz.

Written by Chloe Brinklow

Photography by Simon Taylor X TOMBOY Beauty