How to get undone waves using your ghd


Truth is, I hate getting my hair done. Going for colour, I love. I am results driven. Even for a trim, especially since going shorter. But it’s the blow dry part that gives me anxiety.

My brief is always the same… Undone. Textured. Effortless. I have a go to picture of Gigi looking ridiculously wind-swept, not a curl in sight, but I always get too tight, too bouncy, too clean, even!

So as a self-interest project (I now have reference pics feat. my hair to show to the stylist), we created this pic-torial in partnership with ghd using the new ghd platinum serene pearl styler.


Step 1: I am a big fan of air-drying my own hair, especially when planning a heat style to minimise damage but primarily because the more natural texture, the better.

Step 2: Thou shalt heat protect. It’s a relatively new step in my regime because I didn’t really believe it worked. I’m still not sure. But my hair is short now and I want to keep it as healthy as possible. Step3-Step4

Step 3: I find it easiest to heat style my hair in sections usually two; bottom and top. If you’ve got long/thick hair, perhaps do it in quarters or eighths.

Step 4: An undone wave basically comes down to direction of your wrist. Start by directing the hair and wrist in, then out (step 5), then in (step 6).Step5-Step6

Step 5 and Step 6: As above. Basically you’re creating a ripple in the hair. Some people call this a water-wave, but because I pick pieces up at random, it’s much less precise. Leave out an inch at the bottom to prevent it looking too flicky.

Step7Step 7: Shake it like a polaroid picture. Although, upon purchasing a polaroid, I discovered you’re not actually mean to shake them. Who knew?


And we’re (un)done.

ghd azores, $315; available here. Or for details on how-to win a styler and holiday, follow @ghdhair_aus on instagram. 

Words and art direction: Chloe Brinklow

Shirt: Jac + Jack.