On International Women’s Day we celebrate WOMEN: Their experiences and strength, in solidarity.  Today, it felt most additive to have the our collaborators and friends, the women who inspire TOMBOY Beauty on the regular, speak about things that resonate beyond this allocated date of celebration.

Empowerment is continuous, beautiful, but not obligatory. This is a love letter to you, from you, and from us. To borrow wise words from Nicole Warne, “…We’re warriors, we’re queens, we’re resilient, and above all WE ARE ENOUGH.”

Production and editing: Ella Jane

With thanks to: Gopi Lev Dupain, Grace O’Keeffe, Kamya O’Keeffe, Alison Rice, Nicole Warne, Arca Bayburt, Gemma Roderick, Lola Van Vorst, Chloe Brinklow, Joanna, Nya Leth.