EDIT: Summer Prods we’ve been loving sick


In Australia’s summer, we engage in the clichés; Rinsing with salt water and aperol spritz. Warm hazy mornings and balmy-arse nights. Beach to bar, bar to beach, repeat. You know the drill.  Big companies will do their best marketing spin to make us think we need all the things, when the season’s change, and we aren’t really for a gimmick. So, below is a real life list – actually written in notes of my trusty iPhone, of the products that I have been personally using that enhance ALL THE VIBES.




Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Basically, a tall drink of water for your face. This magic, balmy, cooling mask is packed to the rafters with skin soothing ingredients to bring your sun-drenched complexion back to life. It’s on my face right before bed or pre-bar, post-beach.


Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30+

Anyone want to know what my most FAQ of the summer time is? “What’s a good sunscreen that won’t make me break out?” the answer, my dear fellows, is this. It’s calming, non-comedogenic, and brilliant under makeup. Wearing sunscreen in summer is a must, if you don’t you need to re-evaluate your priorities and also read this, and follow this.


La Mer Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation

As a very pale person, I find it almost impossible to find a foundation that properly matches my skin tone. I would just like to say that this is the first foundation I’ve ever used which is an exact match. So TY La Mer for entering my life. Aside from that humongous benefit. This foundation is lightweight and hydrating, easily transportable, and contains SPF 20+. The reason for it being my summer foundation of choice is that it sits so perfectly on the skin you can’t actually tell its there. For a foundation of light but very buildable coverage, this news is heaven. It stays dewy through the day but not shiny, and fresh all day, as it was when first applied. The fact that the colour match is so spot on means I can just apply on any problematic parts of my face and leave the rest bare. A mid-summer dream in the form of foundation!


RMS Beauty Signature Set ‘Mod Collection’

If you’re new here, Hello, I’m Ella and I love RMS. All of the products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free and bloody epic. The fact that they have a compact palette of all of their best prods (sans uncover-up concealer) is very handy. The palette comes with the Master Mixer, a luminous, creamy, ‘this makes everything look 80x better’ balm, the Living Luminizer, a cream lip/blush, a cream bronzer, and a universal clear balm. This, plus the products listed above, is all that has lived on my face this half of summer and probably every day of every year until one of us dies. ‘Til death do us part.




Venustus Organic Lemon Body Polish and Body Balm

It’s also no secret I’m obsessed with Venustus Paddington, my go-to for any kind of mind/body/spirit healing necessary. I’m also super into lemons this season. I doubt anyone cares for me to elaborate on that, but the Venustus Lemon Body Polish and Body Balm is heaven. It’s the best kind of fresh without smelling like a cleaning product (likely because they are comprised of only organic, natural, ethically sourced ingredients). The scrub works at ridding that awful, week-old sunburn skin shed, while a small amount of the balm post-shower will melt into your skin preventing any more shed, leaving you with a balmy glow to accompany those balmy nights.


Enesea Jewelry Pearl Earrings

I’ve put these in the body category because I implore you to put these on your body at your earliest convenience. Is it even summer in Sydney if you haven’t bought yourself a pair of freshwater pearl earrings? I held out for ages because I couldn’t find a pair that felt quite right until coming across this angelic brand on Instagram and swiftly DM’d to purchase. I’m just going to say that these are the most perfect pearl earrings I’ve ever worn, and that the beautiful and diverse range of natural pearl and shell jewellery will now live on my roll-over wish list.




Venustus Summer Atmospheric Room Mist

Remember how I just said I was obsessed with lemons and Venustus? Well here’s another cracker to get you into the summer spirit. This is a natural and organic mist containing lemon, spearmint and vanilla, I douse myself and my home in it every morning to set myself up for whatever it is I’m awake for. The scent is subtle, refreshing, and basically smells like the sun if it weren’t a flaming ball of gas floating in space.


Le Labo Bergamot 22 Liquid Balm

Fun fact about this scent, I first smelled it at the Grand Hyatt, in the complimentary toiletries curation Le Labo. I loved it so much I stuffed them all in my bag and immediately asked the concierge to deliver more. Not my finest moment, but maybe speaks to how much I love Bergamot 22. Forget Santal 33 (I can’t, because everyone I’ve ever known wears it and New York City is basically doused in it) so Bergamont22’s notes of Vetiver, Orange Blossom and Cedarwood are where it’s at for me.