Choosing the right moisturiser for you

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When Zoë Foster’s book, Air Kisses was published back in 2009 and told the story of a girl with blotchy fake tan and less-than-perfect makeup skills, landing the job as a beauty editor at a coveted magazine, I could relate in more ways than one. The tagline of the book was, If the devil wears Prada, then God wears La Mer, and because Zoe Foster said so, I wanted to wear La Mer too. Only thing was, I wasn’t yet the beauty editor at the magazine, I’d been hired as the editorial coordinator (read: very entry level) and the La Mer packages bypassed my desk, straight to the beauty office, faster than I could say, “May I?”

Cue: beauty editor career trajectory.

And here we are… My fake tan is less blotchy, I’ve honed my makeup skills just in time to prioritise skincare over makeup, and I am now not only lusting over La Mer but working with the brand on this mini-campaign to celebrate the launch of The New Moisturizing Soft Lotion.

So, let’s talk moisturiser, and specifically the psychology of choosing the moisturiser that is right for you. When you strip back marketing promises and look at a) key ingredient/s, with the understanding of what they do, and b) personal preference when it comes to texture, finish, feel etc. it’s actually not as overwhelming as it can seem.

On ingredients:

Sea kelp or algae is the hero of every La Mer skincare product – sustainably harvested by hand from the ocean, put on ice, transported to NYC, and bio-fermented with other natural ingredients for 3-4 months, It’s a process that results in the brand’s Miracle Broth – a restorative inclusion in every product – that’s pretty special. It counters dryness, helps with ageing lines and pore visibility and soothes redness and irritation. All four La Mer moisturisers have it, and basically do the same thing in terms of performance and benefits – with texture, feel, and finish – the main differentiators.

On Texture:

Crème de la Mer, I suspect would be God’s MO. It’s luxurious, and rich. Thicker than most night creams I’ve used, and also the brand’s cult product. But not everyone likes their moisturisers rich. Recognising this, La Mer has re-imagined the product to cater to all sensory preferences. Each image we created for this story is representative of these four variants, with beauty notes accompanying, to help you choose the right moisturiser for you. A hint? The one that feels best.

 BUY: The New Moisturizing Soft Lotion // Crème de la Mer // The Moisturizing Soft Cream // The Moisturizing Gel Cream.

Clothing Credits:

Look 1 & 4: Base Range high-waist bell underpants & X Bra from My Chameleon.

Look 2: Georgia Alice Dress [coming soon]

Look 3: Sarah & Sebastian earrings. 

Look 4: Matteau Swim Cross Back Maillot Bathers from My Chameleon. 

Jewellery worn throughout: Sarah & Sebastian


Photography and Cinema: Chirstian Blanchard X TOMBOY Beauty

Creative and Words by: Chloe Brinklow

Art Direction: Lucy Douglas

Hair and Makeup: Elsa Morgan

Styling: Nichhia Wippell

Model: Emma Macgowan @ IMG

This post was produced in partnership with La Mer. #TBPartner