How to be self motivated

A baby-steps guide.

Since primary schooling, I have always struggled with self-motivation, a problem that has seemingly contd. into adult-ing. For example: I have to book exercise classes in the AM, with 2-hour cancellation policies so that I don’t have the option or time in the morning to cancel, and can also use the impending $25 cancellation fee as a mode of motivation. WIN/WIN, sort of.

When I started working full-time, here at TOMBOY Beauty, in a position that I am passionate about, I decided that I wanted to be a self-motivator. In the last few months, I have implemented small changes to my AM/PM regimen, that make me feel a little more equipped, and therefore productive. These baby steps incremented into my AM/PM routine, keep me on top of my shit, especially on days when death seems more simple than meeting a deadline…

Magic Dust:

Nothing about The Beauty Chef Glow (AM) and Sleep (PM) powders claim to increase productivity (I truly believe that this is up to you). However, there is something about the routine of necking some Glow in the morning, before coffee, and taking some Sleep before, well, sleep, that makes me like I’ve really got it together. Bonus points are that they actually work incredibly with my skin, and I haven’t slept better (an integral part of productivity is REST). I mix a teaspoon of Glow into ice cold water in the morning, and a teaspoon of Sleep in warm almond milk before bed, which is almost illegally comforting.


Oil Burn:

Disclosure: I am a believer, in aromatherapy. My mother used to use lavender oil to soothe. Stomach ache? Lavender oil on your stomach. Headache? Lavender oil on your temples. Nervous about flying? Lavender oil on your pulse points. Sure, placebo effect is a thing, so is a mother’s touch, but I swear this shit works. Now, before bed, I whack a few drops of Venustus ‘Belief’ (containing Lavender and German Chamomile essential oils)  in my oil burner before rapidly passing out (probably a fire hazard but hey, If that’s what life on the edge is like, I am down). In the morning, I burn Venustus’s ‘Ready-set-go’ (containing eucalyptus, lemon, bergamot, pink grapefruit, mandarin,  and geranium essential oils ). This wakes me up quicker than my piccolo, and generally just sets the tone for the rest of my day.



 This is clearly just an AM activity, but it needs to be included because I promise, and I know you’ve read it on health and fitness blogs 1 billion times, but working out in the morning is the #1 thing that helps me stay productive throughout the day. I am 100% a morning person, but hate getting up because I spend too much money on bed linens. My trick is booking a class like pilates (because it’s effective but usually non-daunting) the night before which has a fairly strict cancellation policy, meaning you will be forced out of bed, out the door, and into the gloriousness of the morning in no time. I know many people say that they are evening-exercisers because they need to relieve the stress of the day, but maybe the day wouldn’t be stressful if you’d started it with a workout? Just saying…


Must add…

I freaking LOVE adding shit to my water, and make sure I am downing concoctions on the reg’. My water is always a questionable colour, but the oldest trick in the book is to add a little something, something to your H20 to trick yourself into drinking more. Even if you’re not into health because your lunch breaks consist of necking a black coffee and hoovering down a couple of Marlboro’s, it’s all about balance, right? My favourite liquids-to-add-to-liquid are:

Liquid Chlorophyll – for its detoxing, oxygenating benefits.

The Beauty Chef Collagen – for its skin loving properties (plus it makes your water pale purple, HELLO millennials).

Old fash, lemon juice –  because it alkalizes the body, and makes me feel like the fingernail painting emoji.


Setting your space

Nothing makes me feel more on top of my shit then when my desk space is clear from clutter and stocked with things that either look nice or serve a purpose. Having things like this around me reminds me throughout the day to look after myself, stay grounded, and get on with things. What you don’t want, is things that will serve as a distraction. My deskside includes: Grown Alchemist Vanilla and Orange Peel Hand Cream, Venustus Muscle Melting Roll On, An IKEA pale pink glass jug (for above-mentioned water) with a matching glass, of course. The YSL Tuxedo Candle (because I’m a glamorous bitch) and my Addition Oil Burner.


Tell us what do you do to self-motivate, stay on track at work, or just generally feel like you’re the best version of yourself?