How we scrunchie



A decade and a half-a-go, Carrie Brashaw ended the acceptable wear of the humble scrunchie for womankind! Not an exaggeration. For the non-SATC-superfan, it was Bradshaw’s criticism of a female protagonist written by her then-boyfriend, Berger, you know, the post-it guy! Specifically, said protagonist’s choice hair-accessory. Carrie’s impassioned “meanness,” something I recognise a lot more often watching reruns than in my original viewing, basically ensured any woman who watched that episode would not wear a scrunchie for the rest of her days.

In reviewing a timeline of attempted resurrection: VOGUE UK deemed the scrunchie “back” in 2009, after spotting them for sale in American Apparel… I mean, hardly a revival. There’s been sporadic support from the #instagirls – Kylie, Bella, Sofia et al. over the years. And most recently, Balenciaga and Mansur Gavriel included scrunchies in their fall collection shows. Mass retailers have caught on, as they do, and fast fashion retailer Nasty Gal is even selling a velvet variety, called Sorry Carrie Bradshaw.

Lol. But also GREAT.

Today, TOMBOY challenges Carrie’s crucial point that “No woman would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!” In a time where utility and fashion are intertwined, the scrunchie serves a purpose. No longer segregated to 4th graders and the bathroom shelf at masking hour – the scrunchie is for the power woman – who has no to time to fuck with flimsy elastics, or any variety of pins, that don’t hold. Essentially, it is the grab-n-go of hair accessories. AND in the silk variety, (oh hey SLIP) is much better for hair breakage, especially if you wear extensions [HANDS UP].

Think of this visual exploration as an elevated P.O.V complete with reasons, ideas, and how-to-wear. And if you’re still worried about Carrie’s opinion, a reminder she once considered this a complete outfit.


Look 1: Anna Quan suit, Calvin Klein Bra, Slip Silk Scrunchie.

Look 2: Anna Quan Shirt, Slip Silk Scrunchie,

Look 3: Ellery Pants, Reliquia Earrings, Topshop Scrunchie.


Photography and Art Direction: Ella Jane

Styling: Nichhia Wippel

Words: Chloe Brinklow

Model: Alice Morgan @ IMG

Photo Assistant: Meredith Leeming