TOMBOY, How We Crimp

I have many a fond memory of parking myself on the couch in front of my mother, on a Sunday night at approx. 7-years-old, begging her to spend what felt like hours crimping my hair pre-Monday so I could roll up at school the following day sporting the man-made frizz scattered with butterfly clips and rhinestone hair springs atop my RED HAIR. All this c/o Lizzie McGuire who indirectly convinced me was a vibe when it 100% was not a vibe.

And now I am now going to indirectly convince you that the TOMBOY, crimp is in a fact a vibe. Vibe is a word I don’t endorse using in stories, it’s in the same lane as moist, or rad. But, here we are!


A stripped back lewk where leaving roots and ends makes it less intense, appropriate for every day, but suited for late nights and cool-girl statement-making.


1. Divide clean hair into 2.5-inch sections and firmly braid from 1-2 inches away from the or scalp, leaving as much room (1-2 inches) out of the braid, and secure with a hair-tie.

2. Run a hair straightener through each braid, pressing firmly while working downwards.

3. Once finished, untie each braid and comb through using a wide tooth comb, finish with a serum to smooth any frizz.


Look 1: MANGO Blazer, MANGO Pants, models own tank top.

Look 2: Topshop shirt.

Look 3: Anna Quan Shirt, Anna Quan Dress.

Editor: Chloe Brinklow

Photography and Words: Ella Jane

Stylist: Nichhia Wippell

Hair: Rachel Zade X Aveda

Model: Billie Adams @ IMG

Assistant: Meredith Leeming