If you’ve found yourself here RN – of all places on the big bad interwebs – it’s likely you are 18 or thereabouts, and trying to make some sense of this crazy life ahead of you. OR maybe like me, you are 30; a thinker, feeler, and still making sense of this crazy-arse life.


On a daily basis, I have support in the palm of my hand. Translation: my friends and I talk on WhatsApp. My network comprised of incredible women (and men) who support me through creative processes, business decisions, breakups, outfit choices, and first dates. All of the big stuff!


In a recent life crisis… Just what (and when) do I text a man who I have been dating, who is taking more than 24 hours to respond to my texts? I crowdsourced on WhatsApp and with varying nuggets of advice that helped the situation along nicely, I thought to myself: I wish I could bottle this shit up, it’s magic.


And here we are. This time advice was sourced over email (more profesh) and the question put to the amazing women forging careers in fashion, beauty and media:


What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
I’ll start:

Save yourself some years of the disease to please, trust me.


Some contributor’s advice was appropriately geared towards beauty.


Because bosses wear sunscreen:


Skincare > makeup:


  Plump skin & pre-mixed drinks for Prez:



Hold the bleach, trust your gut, and hug your Mumma more:


The anti-dye-job-club is basically a movement:



It’s always better to be interesting than pretty:



Oh, and you’re going to regret some haircuts. But not others…



Learning to listen is pretty key:



And then there’s ‘The Oprah of Australian media’ AKA Alison Rice’s characteristically thoughtful advice, that made me cry:



And lady boss, Zanita Whittington getting all Robert Frost and ignoring the haters:



And Australia’ top beauty YouTubers on staying true to themselves and succeeding because of it:




It’s not about timing, it’s about all the feelz:



And the most digestible:

Words: Chloe Brinklow
Compiled by Chloe Brinklow (and Ella Jane)