TOMBOY, How We Mismatch Earrings

Picture this: TOMBOY Beauty’s founding editor, Chloe Brinklow hustling herself out of Park Hyatt Place Vendôme back in 2016. She yells, “Sorry I’m late!” As she runs to me, a single Céline earring dangling from her lobe. Not only was this our first introduction as friends and colleagues, but also mine to the mismatched earring trend, obviously big on countless runways, before and since. Honestly, I thought Chloe had lost her other earring upon first meeting her – which now knowing her, would have been entirely possible – however, she carried it off with the classic TOMBOY zero Fs given sensibility, that I couldn’t be sure. Turns out the single earring was intentional, though I liked that it kept me guessing.

Losing an earring is a real thing, even for the Kardashians – Kimmy-K’s Bora Bora meltdown, anyone? So any solution to losing one, is a something that speaks to us here at TOMBOY. This is not an advance to go, collect $200 guide… there are still rules. Don’t go rogue and pair your brightest costume jewellery with your gaudiest hoop earring.

If this is all sounding appealing though, getting started still feels daunting, think of the above 3 looks as your training wheels. Your catalogued references for elevating and adding edge, to safe wardrobe choices: with a mismatched earring set, genuinely mismatched earrings (here/here), and the lone soldier.

A complete guide on how to own your disorganisation in disguise.


Look 1: Albus Lumen earrings, Vintage Chanel dress.

Look 2: Lonely bra, Cooper pants, Reliquia earring, Reliquia hoop earring.

Look 3: Stylists own tank top, Ellery pants, Ellery earring.

Photography & art direction and words: Ella Jane

Styling: Nichhia Wippell

Model: Chaira @ IMG

Assistant: Meredith Leeming