Secret Single Behaviour (SSB) has been well documented on blogs all over the interwebs, since it originated in a conversation between Carrie and Charlottes on SATC. If you haven’t watched every episode of SATC 347 times, like me, SSB, basically refers to the things you get up to when not a single soul is around. Carrie, well she likes to eat salty crackers with jam, Charlotte stares at her pores for hours on end… Like only Charlotte could, right?*

*Wrong. One of my friend’s confessed she does it too, sometimes spending an entire afternoon. I mean… No judgement here. The takeout, there’s not a woman on earth that doesn’t obsesses over her skin at some point.

Enter our team trial of,  Erno and Laszlo’s new powder masking kits *SPOILER ALERT: They’re really effing good! Team TOMBOY documented some SSB/Secret Masking Behaviour of our own too.


Matilda Dods, TOMBOY Beauty London Contributor (and model repped by IMG). 

Trialling: Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy mask.

Feelz: Fresh off a long haul flight from London, and in deep need of a recharge, the promise of extreme hydration, had me pouncing all over the Hydra Therapy option.  I have very dry reactive skin that can get dull and uneven, particularly after 24 hours in transit. Initially the thick texture of the mask threw me, as I hadn’t previous come across an at home mask of this consistency, but It was actually quite luxe.

Secret Masking Behaviour: While I detox my face, I find it beneficial to also detox my brain – I often reach for my journal once I’ve got a face mask on. Usually after about 20 minutes I’ve filled a few pages moaning about some shitty boy and ironically, esoteric philosophical musings. I’m also not opposed to banging out a little ab circuit on my bedroom floor. Hello, rotating plank dips.

Verdict: Once the mask turned to rubber on my face, I peeled it off, and could immediately see significant improvement. I’m not sure if that’s placebo effect BUT I can say, two days on, my skin is smoother, plumper and looking ALOT less thirsty. What I found particularly impressive was that after removing the mask, I didn’t feel like I needed to add moisturiser as a next step.

In summation, this mask felt like chugging a 2 litre bottle of water for my face. I’m a fan!



Ella Jane, TOMBOY Beauty Content Producer

Trialling: Erno and Laszlo White Marble Mask

Feelz: My skin isn’t problematic per se. However, tell me that something is going to brighten my complexion and I’m the first to put my hand up for the team trial. I believe the pack promised to ‘peel and reveal’ radiant skin, using brightening actives, like liquorice extract (to dull dark pigment), lemon extract (to exfoliate dead skin cells) and Jojoba Seed Oil (hydration, baby!). Upon applying the ‘goop’ all over my face and looking like a swamp-thing (although not as much as Chloe), the first thing I noticed was that the mask was cooling, which was a welcome surprise. It dried into this squishy gel.

Secret Masking Behaviour: While I wait for a mask to dry, I usually eat peanut butter out of the jar, no one knows this except for my Mum. Well, now you do too. OR, If I am feeling a little more holistic, I meditate. I like to pretend that it makes the mask work better.

Verdict: Once the corners of the dry mask set, I was able to easily remove the jelly-type-texture in one fell swoop, an impressive feat in the masking world – trust me – I’m well acquainted having  no less than 3457 since I started at TOMBOY the beginning of the year. In terms of results, my skin felt  like I’d just spent half an hour in the steam room and had the same bright sheen naturally, that I usually achieve with a generous application of lift reflecting primer.  I went to dinner when I finished up at the office, sans makeup. I approve.




Chloe Brinklow, Founder & Editor, TOMBOY Beauty 

Trialling: Erno and Laszlo Firmarine Lift Mask

Feelz: When I first started face masking age 13 at sleepovers, it was more about the activity, passing some time, taking selfies (on whoever in the group at a digi camera, because Nokia 3315’s were not equipped). Yes I am old, and bc of this,  I am much more results-inclined. If I am going to spend 20 minutes doing anything it needs to serve me, and serve me well.

Secret Masking Behaviour: This is a confronting question. BUT in the interest of transparency, you now know I enjoy eating cereal straight from the box! An activity reserved exclusively for masking, or tipsy post-night out kitchen sessions with my room mate Zanita (or travel buddy Nicole). It is and has always been cornflakes for me and luckily there isn’t a room service menu I’ve read that doesn’t include my “breakfast” bowl of choice. If I am not chomping down on dry cereal, I’m quite the domestic goddess. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning the bathroom, OR (as pictured) watering the plants. I am not a Gwyneth incarnate either – remember when she claimed to only bathe in Evian? My San Pel was empty, and I refilled it with tap water for my house plants to have a nice big drink – in sync with my skin.

Verdict: This is only the second peel mask I have ever tried.  Usually I opt for hydrating masks that I can apply before bed or on a flight, that don’t require removal. The blue colour had me feeling like Stanley Ipkiss, and while not the prettiest (no selfies here!) the results were pretty great. It dried within 20 minutes, and peeled off with ease (not like the only other peel mask I have trialled: one of those charcoal pore cleansing ones that are painful AF to take off). With Spirullina Maxima which supports collagen renewal and Provitamin B5 which helps with maintaining moisture in the skin, it’s the type of mask I’d do pre-big event makeup. Winner, winner!


All masks are available for purchase from Sephora and are $122/4 pack. 

Words: Matilda Dods, Ella Jane, Chloe Brinklow

Photography: Ella Jane and Chloe Brinklow

Creative and Production: Chloe Brinklow

Full disclosure: This post was created in Partnership with Erno Laszlo.