Makeup removal for the lazy

Fact: I feel offended when I learn that someone ‘can’t be bothered’ removing their makeup at night, and even a little disturbed by the people who leave it on until the very last minute before they go to bed. Makeup wipes have been around since before I was born (pretty sure), oil cleansers have risen up, micellar water has taken center stage (I’ve been a convert since I learned it’s what the French do, more on my obsession: here). So basically, there’s no excuse. The usual lackluster one: I’m lazy. The new solution: FACE HALO.


Basically, FACE HALO is a little white puff (but comes in a pack of three), that is made up of microfibers that when soaked with water do some kung fu style magic and lift the makeup from your skin and pores. Now, I know that this sort of shit is the stuff of infomercials (and I have been in beauty long enough, to be cynical) but Face Halo, is legit.


I didn’t think it was real, but after using it once, like many others (including Chloe Morello who is the face of the brand) I was one part shocked, other part stoked. It took off… Every. Last. Speck.


Some pros:


  1. Think of the environment people!

Face Halo is a whole lot more eco friendly than face wipes or cotton pads that go into land fil. After each use I use some handsoap to rinse the makeup that’s been captured by the fibres and hang it on my tap. And at the end of the week, I pop it in a laundry bag and in the wash and let it air dry. These things can last up to 200 machine washes and you get 3 in a pack, so you do the math (because I dropped it as a subject in year 10).


  1. It’s very mobile.

Gone are the days where I haul my 500ml Bioderma to some boy that I’m seeing’s house. Or on a longhaul, decantered to keep my routine intact while out of office.

On my two week summer vacay, i packed two FACE HALO’s and approximately 50ml of micellar water (for the plane and emergencies because, habit!). Upon return, I had 40mls of micellar water left, and was down a HALO – because I let my best friend try my backup – and she nicked it off me.


I’m very aware that the beauty world is constantly going through trendy new tools to make our lives easier and have earned a place of permanence in our hearts and on our blogs: the beauty blender and those oval brushes that I can’t quite wrap my head around. And i think FACEHALO is up there too.

Words and photo: Ella Jane

Face Halo can be purchased here