Festival beauty looks you can actually wear



Page10Page3The lesson here? Don’t do anything you wouldn’t IRL, at least when it comes to beauty.

Model couple, Taylah and Lola’s approach to beauty is “Simple,” they say in unison when I ask them at our impromptu shoot, following the Kiehl’s Splendour in the Grass brunch on day 2 at The Atlantic Byron Bay.

“Beauty comes from within it really does. The more you take care of yourself the better you look,” Lola says.

The couple who both wore Hansen and Gretel kept their beauty looks subtle. Taylah used glitter from Spotlight (left over from Mardi Gras), highlighting along her cheekbone and the crest of the brow, on top of her usual skincare. Lola kept things minimal; moisturiser, foundation, concealer/illuminator, and a little bit of mascara.

My beauty tips for surviving Splendour? Stay hydrated, wear waterproof mascara, sunscreen, translucent powder down the centre of the face, remove makeup every night, cleanse, and (try) to get at least some sleep, even just an hour.

Photography: Scoot Needham X TOMBOY Beauty.

Words and creative: Chloe Brinklow

Models: Taylah Roberts and Lola Van Vorst

Full disclosure: TOMBOY Beauty experienced Splendour in the Grass as a guest of Kiehl’s.