Meet the Model: Kat Wu X Pereira Fitzgerald

Pereira Fitzgerald  and Kat Wu have something in common: newness (both first timers at #MBFWA) and that DNA. Founded by Bella Pereira and Gemma Fitzgerald, the former focusses on sustainable and local manufacturing that celebrate femininity. Also, new to the runway, Kat Wu is making waves, and aside from having a face that may or may not have been shaped directly by the hands of an angel, she embodies everything the Pereira Fitzgerald brand does too: feminine, strong, considered.

We grabbed her 10 minutes before she was sent down the runway, to learn a little more…

ASL: 19, female, Sydney.


Break: Mecca campaign.


Fav gig: Probably a GRAZIA editorial I did.


When you’re not modelling you’re… Eating. Or playing Nintendo switch.


You in 3 words: Kind of angry, calm and eccentric.


What does beauty mean to you? Beauty means feeling good on the inside.


All time fav beauty prod? Brow Gel. I use the Australis one.


Beauty advice? Never go to bed without washing your face.


What drives you? My dreams.


What startles you? Lots of small holes, I hate them.


What’s the best and hardest thing about being a woman in 2018? I think the best thing is that we get a lot more selection of clothing, and the worst thing is that there is still a huge divide between both genders.


Women you most admire? My mother.


Advice for this generation of women? Don’t be afraid to speak up.


What’s next for you? LA.

Interview and photography: Ella Jane

Model: Kat Wu @ Priscillas