ROUTINE: Anna Feller

At MBFWA I was hurriedly scooting into an uber post the 10 Pieces show when I saw Anna Feller being papped within an inch-of-her-life outside Icebergs. Only, at this time, I had no idea who she was, just that she looked effing cool. Fast-forward many months and that very street style image emerged on my feed, along with a tag to her Instagram. I knew immediately that she was a #TOMBOYBeautyGirl, and promptly reached out to see if she would let me photograph her for ROUTINE.

Anna Feller is a Bondi-based model, mum, and fulltime cool-girl, slash babe. She also runs her website Wilder, a creative outlet on children’s wellbeing and growth, while doubling as a portfolio for shoots. Anna started modelling when she was 17, so shooting her was no hard task. She is Bondi personified: blonde, beautiful, and easy going.

Here, she lets me in on her skincare secrets and navigating a routine with her 4-year- old son, Banjo.

TB:What does beauty mean to you?

AF: Being in nature, the ocean, the sunshine, drinking water from the mountains, eating from a garden, wearing natural products. I always feel the best when I am among natural elements and using natural products.


TB: Can you walk us through your morning routine?

AF: Wake, splash face with cold water, brush teeth and scrape tongue, sometimes if I have extra time up my sleeve I will oil pull with a tablespoon of cold pressed coconut oil, then I will put on a face serum, drink a hot water and lemon, run a brush through my hair and then straight in to helping my son get ready for his day. I will usually come back to mine sometime after school drop off, but it is very minimal.  It usually just includes exercise and then a swim and a bit of Embryolisse Lait Créme Concentre Moisturizer, Ellis Faas Concealer, and David Mallett Australian Sea Salt Spray in my hair and I am good to go!


TB: Do you have any rituals or do you do anything unexpected?

AF: In summer and winter I am in the ocean every day. I always use a tablespoon of David Mallett Hair Mask No.1: L’Hydration after every dip!

TB: How important is your routine to you?

 AF: I feel like I used to have this great routine, but since having Banjo he has become my routine! I just go with the flow and try to do something for myself once a day.

TB: Strategy for getting dressed in the morning?

AF: Zero strategy here! If I’m doing appointments I try and dress appropriate to that, other than that, I just wear what I feel when I wake up.

TB: Wardrobe staples?

AF: Swimwear, slides, a silk pant, anything white, tshirts.

TB: Go-to look for a night out?

 AF: High waisted denim and fitted long sleeve silk top.


TB: How has your routine changed since having a child?

AF: Very one moment at a time!

 TB: What’s always in your handbag?

AF: A few crayons, some Moon Juice ‘Moon Dust’ & my house keys.

TB: Earliest beauty memory?

 AF: First real beauty memory was probably a Shu Uemera job in Tokyo.

TB: What is your beauty philosophy?

 AF: Beauty comes from within. Look after yourself there first.

 TB: Who cuts your hair?

 AF: Paloma at Oscar & Oscar

TB: What do you do for Mum time?

 AF: Bondi to Bronte coastal walk, yoga, or a vino with the girls.

TB: 5 products you can’t live without?


Penny Francés Apothecary Lavender, Himalayan Salt & Violet Facial Tonic

David Mallett Australian Sea Salt Spray

Welle Co Super Elixir Greens Powder

The AYU Souq Perfume

Embryolisse Lait Créme Concentre Moisturizer

TB: Favourite spots in Bondi?

AF: Porch & Parlour for an almond latte and a juice for Banjo, Icebergs for a swim & sauna, Sean’s Panorama for a long lunch, and North Bondi for an afternoon/evening dip with my son.

Words & photography: Ella Jane

Model: Anna Feller @ KULT Australia