Team TOMBOY: Ella Jane



It has been one year since TOMBOY Beauty launched and I am proud to say that we have the best contributors in Australia –  photographers, stylists, writers, sub-editors, art directors et al. We’ve shot in different corners of the globe; Sydney, Paris, and New York. And featured some of the most epic women in the world. We don’t give a f*ck about numbers, or pumping out meaningless click-bait, overtly sponsored, or boring articles. Instead we focus on creating cool images with smart words, with expert beauty advice, and transparency, that can’t be found anywhere else on the interwebs.

It takes a small village, to launch a platform like ours, and while I have never felt like it has been a one-woman show, it’s true that until today, it has had a full-time staff of one! Hola!

Now, it is with great excitement, as in, is this actually happening!? That I introduce you the newest member of Team TOMBOY… Ella Jane. She’s smart, talented, creative, and cool AF.

Sit back, sip your green tea, and enjoy your 3pm snack as you get to know her…


ASL:  19, Female, Byron Bay, Australia (for now!)

Title: Content Producer. Basically, I write, take photos, edit, and upload content to, and our social channels.

How did you get started at TOMBOY?

I met Chloe in Paris during Fashion week, my best friend Matilda Dods introduced us and we bonded over a few, actually, many margaritas! The next day I tagged along to a TB shoot and Chloe offered me the position the day I arrived back in Australia.

What is your approach to beauty?

Understated, simple, and the less I can get away with, the better. Beauty comes from knowing yourself and being comfortable with who you are. Whatever you decide to do with yourself afterwards, should stem from that.


Skincare or makeup?

Skincare, always. And then makeup when skincare isn’t cutting the mustard.

Favourite scent?

I’ve been wearing Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche since I was 16, However my ideal scent would be something that smells like cut grass, rain, moss, and laundry detergent in a bottle. Super clean.

All time favourite Beauty product? 

Bioderma Sensibio Light Moisturiser – It is simple, no fuss, won’t irritate my skin and sits brilliantly under makeup. It’s pretty boring, but its the most trustworthy product I own.

THE TOMBOY Beauty girl is….

A strong woman, who is more concerned with what’s in her head than on her face. She is a woman who isn’t afraid to break boundaries, or break out. Aware of the political climate, social issues, foreign policy, and what shade of red lipstick works best with her undertones. The TOMBOY Beauty girl can pull off whatever she wears, because she is confident that she can.

What drives you?

Creativity over almost everything. Constantly wanting to put that creativity and my ideas into work I am proud of, whatever format that may be.


Outside of TOMBOY I…

…take photos, and run a blog where I publish them. I paint when I have the time, and sketch when I don’t. I try and stay moving as much as I can, I’m uncomfortable when stagnant. 

Tell me something weird about you?

I take pictures of myself when I look really awful as a kind of ‘could be worse’ reference for not-so-hot days.

Interview: Chloe Brinklow

Photo Credits: Maya Crowder (image 1/2/6) Ariel Turner (image 3/4)