Ask Her: Alison Rice

Alison Rice started working in digital before it was cool, no less than 6 years ago! Digital years are much like dog years, so she’s been online for ages… AND she has the best job in Australian fashion media – she’s the Group Publisher Women’s Lifestyle at Allure – meaning she is the boss lady across POPSUGAR, WHO WHAT WEAR, Byrdie and My Domaine.

She’s also one of the nice girls: Generous with advice, completely #Boss, and stylish AF. She’s calm, confident and considered.

Here, in our first episode of Ask Her, we follow Alison from show-to-show at Fashion Week and ask all the important questions, like how to make it in the industry, what emoji she personifies, and how to do French-girl beauty…


Video: Chloe Brinklow & Ella Jane

Written by: Chloe Brinklow