ROUTINE: Roberta Pecoraro

Navigating a festival can be challenging, especially one that is as hyped as Splendour In The Grass: Australia’s small version of Coachella. There are a few DO’s and DON’T’s in the TOMBOY Splendour rulebook, as briefed by my editor pre-festival. DON’T: wear glitter, don’t dress slutty (because you WILL get cold, and most likely the flu, it’s still winter, and we’re not in the desert.), don’t get embarrassingly drunk, don’t neglect your skincare routine.
DO: Have fun, Instagram story like its your last day on earth, pack lip balm, take a jacket (for god’s sake).

In another instalment of ROUTINE, I caught up with model Roberta Pecoraro to find out her festival do’s and don’ts, and quiz her on how she keeps her skin so damn dewy. If you’ve seen the hundreds of street style snaps of Roberta circling the inter web, it’s no surprise that her festival style hit the mark perfectly. Watching her pair a wispy Hansen & Gretel slip dress over vintage Levi’s with an embellished bomber jacket was the perfect example of strategic, yet impossibly dreamy festival dressing.

On Saturday morning, post-bayleaf breakfast, where Robbie eats poached eggs with toast and greens, pre-Kiehls garden party at the Atlantic Byron Bay, I stop by her room and get the 411 on what it takes to get that skin, her festival essentials, the one product she can’t live without, and more.

Talk me through your routine…

I’ll do a cleanse with the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser, then I’ll put on some moisturiser. Then I’ve been using an oil to use as a perfume before applying my makeup. This keeps my skin really dewy and moist. Then I’ll apply my makeup. I usually go for a run in the morning, I didn’t today, my boyfriend Jono would have killed me! But usually it’s the first thing on my mind. Then I come home and have a shower and then put on Egyptian Magic,  as I get out of the shower.

Do you have any rituals or do anything unexpected?

I love Egyptian magic, its a life saver. Its a really thick oily cream that I use as moisturiser,  lip balm, or even to remove my makeup.

How important is a routine to you?

For beauty? Its not that important to be honest! Whatever my skin is needing that day I just  kind of go with that feeling.

Does your routine change because we’re at Splendour?

Yeah it actually has because we’ve gotten so many products from Kiehls! I just want to try them all.

One splendour essential?

Probably the Kiehl’s Cactus Water Hydrating Mist. It just keeps me fresh and dewy all day.

When you’re on the go what is one product you always bring?

Definitely Egyptian magic because I just use it for so many things.

Go to festival beauty look?

Quite natural. Just a bit of foundation, I use Armani luminous silk foundation, I’m really into dewy skin, so its great for that. Then just mascara and lip balm and thats it, the cleaner the better. Its a long day, you don’t want makeup all over you!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is all things natural to me. I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup or apply a lot of product on my skin so I just feel like everything natural is beautiful.

Earliest beauty memory?

My first beauty memory is probably when I started modelling I was then always around beauty products and getting my makeup done and I feel like that triggered a bit of an interest in beauty

Diet/drink of choice?

Im a big white wine drinker! I love a glass of wine with dinner. I’m a really healthy eater, throughout the week especially. I really enjoy eating well. I’m big on salads and grains and nuts and things like that and I think its very important.

Whats the best thing that you’ve learnt since modelling?

Less is more! I find that on shoots and runways now they put less and less makeup on the models. Overtime now on shoots and shows they really take the time to hydrate and prep the skin before applying the makeup to get the skin looking its best.

Photography and interview: Ella Jane

Full disclosure: TOMBOY Beauty experienced Splendour In The Grass 2017 as a guest of Kiehls.